It is amazing how many stupid, misinformed and gullible people live in this country. People complain about their financial woes, the economy and the cost of living and blindly blame whoever is in the White House at the time.

But if the country is based on capitalism and the concept of supply and demand, how can any unfortunate financial crises be blamed on one man? It is illogical and ignorant and a lie spread by the guilty party, who are wealthy people that do not want to take responsibility for their gouging and extortion of working people.

When gas and medication prices go up, people blame the president. When food and housing cost rise, they blame the president. Even when they lose their job, they blame the president, not considering the fact that oil prices are set by other countries the US imports from, oil companies in this same country, and staples of survival cost are set by corporations.

If the country is controlled by free market capitalism, which powers the pride in politician talking points and the great American exceptionalism, then how can one man be responsible? Either capitalism is the problem or the president, you cannot have both.

Neither Clinton, Bush, Obama, nor Trump had anything to do with the financial pressures people face in this country if supply and demand were a real theory. Every president and their policies are dictated by supply and demand under capitalism and the wants and needs of the wealthy.

All the president can do is negotiate with corporations to bring down their prices, and the CEOs are clearly in it for themselves and not for the people. So, the next time anyone wants to complain about their finances, look to those who set market prices.



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