To equate the ability to carry around a gun unfettered, to the concept of freedom is a lazy and irresponsible excuse that does nothing more than endanger lives. However, this stipulated interpretation of the constitution being used by the far-right has reached an astounding level of judicial negligence.

Basically, this belief is nothing more than a hidden wish for whites to kill people of color and leave them unchecked by the law. It is a murderous, far-fetched fantasy in the minds of people who feel they have no other option to reclaim power except through force and violence.

The excuse of open carry being a deterrent to crime is an exaggeration beyond reality. Though crime exist, it is not around every corner, in the grocery store or in Starbucks, (role-played by gun enthusiast on an unrealistic mission), or any other place occupied by groups of people simply living their lives.

The deep-seated hatred that dwells in their hearts and the fear that clouds their minds have taken over to a paranoid point of a bi-polar extent. Cable news and social media propaganda have inundated their cognitive ability to function as normal and have turned them into weapons of social war against their neighbors.

Guns will be the downfall of this country with countless murders as a backdrop, as we see happening every day. The hypocrisy of the religious right as backers of this new form of idolatry has reached a sacrilegious level driven by an immense misunderstanding of God’s will, and the 2nd amendment. They try hard through mental reprobation to justify everyone from kids to Christians that God condones this fake form of freedom to the detriment of the lives of millions of innocent people.

These people will reap what they have sown outside of their thoughts and prayers at spiritual and physical levels they have no understanding of. Life has a way of returning upon a person what energy they have put forth into the world. If they never feel a bullet pierce their bodies, they will, and are currently, suffer the condemnation of mental torment every day of their lives.


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